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Mission, vision and values

The ASBM – BRAZILIAN SINO ASSOCIATION OF MINING COMPANIES has as institutional purpose the representation and defense of the interests of the mining segment in Brazil, seeking the participation and formulation of private public policies focused on the interest of the mining industry of Brazilian and Chinese companies. The ASBM represents the national and Chinese private companies and organizations in the mineral production sector, seeking to disseminate technological innovations, studies, research, representing the segment for new discoveries, evaluation and future production of mineral resources throughout the country. The ASBM will stimulate the discussion of problems of interest in mineral production, actively participating in the formulation of public policies that directly or indirectly affect China and Brazilian mining companies, respecting the constitutional principles of free initiative, environmental sustainability and socio-economic development. The ASBM will maintain intense interchange with the public and proven representative entities of the mineral sector, always seeking to add efforts in the defense of the interests of the Brazilian companies. The ASBM will collaborate with federal, state and municipal associations and public authorities, ensuring the sustainability of mineral production, offering the experience of its members to build a stable and fair political-economic environment for Brazil. ASBM will participate and promote congresses, exhibitions, courses, seminars and lectures in order to develop the best knowledge with the dissemination and increase of technological capacity and mineral production. ASBM will act in the defense of the interests of Sino Brasileiras de Mineração, in Brazil and abroad, in accordance with the interests of its members. The ASBM will anticipate discussions in the commercial regulatory field in the national and international scenario aimed at the competitiveness of the Brazilian and China mining companies.